Before reviewing the latest tracking data from our national weekly COVID-19 survey, we welcome a special guest to this week’s roundtable discussion.

Marc Harrison, CEO of Intermountain Healthcare, joins us for a Q&A session as we continue the dialogue on recovery vs. redefinition/reimagination. Specifically, we’ll address questions in these areas:

  • What has this pandemic exposed about our societal infrastructure and approach to public health?
  • How do we transcend division in this time to get to meaningful solutions that propel us forward?
  • Trust is on trial. What is destroying trust? What is building it? What should be happening?
  • What does the future of health and healthcare look like after COVID-19? What do we need to be doing now to be prepared and to shape it for the greater common good?
  • What does health and healthcare look like for the workplace of the future after this lockdown?