Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions June 10-11, 2020 via an online survey.

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NOTE: Findings based on preliminary data.

America Puts More Focus on Economy

Despite rating public health as worse than the economy, Americans once again believe we should be focusing more on a balance of the economy and public health than a sole focus on public health.

“Time to Reopen” Ticks Up

More Americans than ever support relaxing restrictions and stay-at-home order.

While more Americans support reopening, the majority of Americans still believe the coronavirus is a threat.

Americans View on the Impact of Coronavirus

Key expected negative impacts are dropping.

Most expect US economy impact to last over a year.

Half are still hoping for a shorter personal impact.

Many expect travel and large public events to be something they get back to in about half a year or more.

There has been a significant increase in the number of Americans who plan to eat at a restaurant in the next month.

New Behavior That Will Stick

Entertainment and connection with family and friends are routines that are most missed but new behaviors have been formed that many people expect will continue post-COVID.

Faith is Still Important During Pandemic

Four in ten Americans say faith is important to them during the pandemic.  For most, practicing their faith during the outbreak means praying at home.  One in five have been watching worship services online.

Assembly Rights Seen as Dangerous in Current Environment Regardless of Reason

A great majority (81%) believe it is likely that continuing public protests will lead to a spike in cases.

Positive Emotions Are On the Rise

We see an increase in positive feelings of being hopeful, optimistic, determined, and confident.

But there is still a mix of negative emotions.  A third of Americans say they feel “hopeful” (32%) and the same percentage say they feel “anger” (31%) right now.  Only 8% share both emotions.

The Erosion of Unity
More African Americans see unity

Trust Continues to Decline

Trust in the Federal Government declines down to its lowest point since the COVID crisis began in March.

Trust in the WHO also drops to its lowest point.

There is a continuous decline in trust in online search engines and other media, especially broadcast news.

Societal Changes

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who are hopeful because they believe the current situation is providing an opportunity for much needed larger societal change.

African Americans are the most optimistic, compared to other groups.

When contrasted with the severe public health crisis, Americans are wary of allowing protests.

But, in absolute terms, most agree that the right to protest and assemble should not be limited.

Data Source: Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions 6/10-11/2020 via an online survey. Access the full report here: Download PDF.  

Sample: n=1,019 US Adults 18+

Topics: We explored attitudes, feelings, and actions with respect to the COVID-19 crisis. This provides a quick look at the key storylines we uncovered by quickly digging into the data set.