Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions May 20-21, 2020 via an online survey.

Access the full report here: Download PDF. Please contact us if you would like access to the crosstabs.

NOTE: Findings based on preliminary data.

More Now Agree it is Time to Reopen

Most believe it is time to end restrictions and rebuild the economy.  The strongest attitudes on the debate are growing on the side of reopening while softening on keeping restrictions in place.

The strongest lift comes from those focused on the economy.

Most See Economy as Worse Off Than Public Health


Division is Rising as we Reopen

However, beliefs about reopening are not a sign of solidarity – the pre-pandemic division of opinions appears to be returning.

More Negative Impacts on Life

The shift comes as we see signs of the pandemic wearing on people – a decrease in paying attention to news coverage, increases in belief it is “blown out of proportion”, and more negative impacts on life.

Half of the Country Sees an Economic Impact Lasting More than 1 Year

With that said, we see some negative emotions slightly declining. Overall, the emotional mindset of the country is shifting to a more positive, if not realistic, mindset

The number of Optimists are growing; Worriers continue to fade.

Shifting Views About the Role of Government

The crisis is shifting underlying attitudes about the role of government and even controversial policy positions are showing majority support.

A Majority sees a government role in income inequality.

There is rising support for many key policy changes.

Shifting Behaviors

Looking across the past 10 weeks, online shopping has grown significantly, but in-person shopping appears to be rebuilding slowly.

Acts of service for others has slipped, but time outside and with family/friends without social distancing are increasing.

Hosting social gatherings is expected to start happening more in the next 2-6 months; major events are still further out.

Continued Eroding of Trust

Trust scores continue to erode except for with physicians and hospitals.

Data Source: Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions 5/20-21/2020 via an online survey. Access the full report here: Download PDF.  

Sample: n=1,006 US Adults 18+

Topics: We explored attitudes, feelings, and actions with respect to the COVID-19 crisis. This provides a quick look at the key storylines we uncovered by quickly digging into the data set.