Americans are learning to live/work/play/learn with the virus.  Following are some of the key storylines from our tracking data:

  • Despite an increase in cases, and a recognition of that increase, Americans are less likely to believe there will be a second round of sheltering in place.
  • An increasing number are returning to work, personal travel and day-to-day activities like worship services.
  • The personal impact is seen as a long-term problem for the first time in our tracking.
  • Economic outlook of Americans continues to sour.
  • Americans are more cautious, but highly negative emotions like fear and anger are steady.

Our report with the latest tracking data, charts, and storylines from our biweekly national omnibus survey, the Heart+Mind Pulse, can be downloaded using the following link:



Data Source: Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions 7/22-23/2020 via an online survey.  

Sample: n=1,020 US Adults 18+

Topics: We explored attitudes, feelings, and actions with respect to the COVID-19 crisis. This provides a quick look at the key storylines we uncovered by quickly digging into the data set.