As we close out summer 2020, Americans are expressing some newfound optimism.  Following are some of the key storylines from our tracking data:

  • It’s Not So Bad: the economy and public health are seen as getting better.
  • Things Feel Okay: our sense of social order, peace of mind, and success show some significant improvement.
  • Outlook Improving: negative emotions of concern, worry and anxiety drop significantly, while hope and optimism increase.
  • Living Life: travel and daily activities continue a slow march back to normal levels.
  • Shut-Downs a Thing of the Past: Only a third of Americans feel a second shut down is coming – most think shut-downs are behind us.
  • Improved Favorability for the President: increased optimism can be connected to a significant increase in support for President Trump in the upcoming election.

Our reports with the latest tracking data, charts, and storylines from our biweekly national omnibus survey, the Heart+Mind Pulse, can be downloaded using the following links:



Data Source: Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions 8/19-20/2020 via an online survey.  

Sample: n=1,003 US Adults 18+

Topics: We explored attitudes, feelings, and actions with respect to the COVID-19 crisis and upcoming presidential election. This provides a quick look at the key storylines we uncovered by quickly digging into the data set.