We push pause for one hour each week to talk, share, and listen to 60+ clients and partners who are participating in our Virtual Roundtable. As business leaders, employers, and human beings, this group discusses the impact of the latest COVID-19 developments, and ideas to help each other navigate the changing reality.

These are the topics discussed on June 15th. We hope these can help you and your teams as you make decisions moving ahead.

Implications to Date: Our Top 10 List

  1. Nothing is settled yet. We are not in a “new normal” yet. Don’t plan and don’t communicate like it is.  Yes, things will settle.
  1. Adapt and act. Don’t be afraid to fail with some. Thoughtful action matters right now.  You have a real window to innovate – seek opportunity and not only to manage risk.
  1. But keep your eye on the long-term impact. Short-term, quick fixes are not enough.
  1. Your focus should be on adapting to “living with the virus” rather than “surviving”.  Consider how that framing shifts the way you see your role in the solutions you deploy. 
  1. Macro to micro matters. Needs and reactions can vary widely. Understand the segments that matter in your sector how you need to adapt in delivery in different situations.
  1. Most of the country will take a concerned realist approach to these crises (55%). The rest will emotionally respond in polar opposites – anxiously worried OR hopefully optimistic. This has been the only constant in our data. Find your people on this spectrum and adapt accordingly.
  1. Discover how the fundamentals of the human journey are changing right now in your space (needs, process, and expectations). Map solutions against the role you can play to help people pursue what they are after in a way that is unique and authentic to who and what you are.
  1. Acceleration to digital is obvious. But it isn’t that simple. And it doesn’t work for everyone, especially generational realities. Consider the full experience as you rapidly deploy. Both matter. 
  1. Anger is building. Know where your employees stand. Increase listening posts and provide safe and meaningful outlets for civil dialogue. We’re missing it in most of our institutions. Fill that gap. 
  1. We are facing big issues we won’t solve. But there may be ways to boost a sense of belonging or a respite for peace of mind in the slice of life you control. Find ways to meaningfully help people feel accepted. Do it. Don’t say it.


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