On Strategic Communications Today

On Strategic Communications Today

In the most recent issue of the US Army’s quarterly publication Parameters, the article “On Strategic Communications” discusses target audience analysis and using communications to persuade by reason and motivate through emotion – the approach that is our tag line.  The section “Forging a Strategy  (beginning on page 5) references our values laddering approach and how we use insights from this to understand decision–making behavior and quotes from our President, Mike Dabadie.

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Associations in Times of Change

These are dynamic times for associations, with changes occurring on multiple fronts. Here are four important changes that association leadership must address to stay competitive and relevant.

by Mike Hillegass

How Strategic Partnerships Help You Innovate

Innovation is never easy. That’s why collaborating with the right business partners can be invaluable.

“Innovation at the end of the day is about helping your customers grow, whether it’s a product or a service line, or the way they do business,” says Mike Dabadie, President and Managing Partner of Heart+Mind Strategies. “Innovation is about being responsive, customer centric and co-creative.”

This IndustryWeek white paper explores the client and supplier sides of multiple relationships–including Mike’s long-time partnership with R&R Partners in service of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), the people who brought you the infamous tagline “What Happens Here, Stays Here” #WHHSH.

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The Six Rs: Strategic Communications Tools

Effective communications must amplify your competitive strengths or inoculate against your competitive weaknesses.

When helping our clients build communications strategies that persuade by reason and motivate through emotion, one of the tools we employ is the “Six Rs of Strategic Communications” to help break through the communications clutter and ensure messages are guided by a proactive strategic approach.