As we are entering the 2020 election cycle, Psychology Today article  (4/24/19) highlights the importance of our own personal values in shaping what we choose to pay attention to and how we interpret “facts:”

The author, Morgan Marietta, Ph.D. states:  “Our values not only shape what we see as better or worse, they shape what we see at all. This is because our values frame the core questions we repeatedly ask about the world. Those who care about oppression look for oppressors; those who care about security look for threats to it. In other words, we do not end up with the same answers because we do not begin with the same questions. A specific value is not merely a hope for what we would like to exist but also a method for how we decide on its existence.”

These findings apply not only to politics but to product, service and issue marketing as well.  Heart+Mind Strategies’ core approaches are rooted in uncovering and harnessing the deep and powerful values that motivate your customers, members or stakeholders.  We agree with this author that “The stronger the value commitment, the stronger the effect.”  Only a disciplined, clear approach, like the one our teams have used for several decades, can successfully uncover the values that motivate your important audiences.