Reston, Virginia, December 13 , 2018: Heart+Mind Strategies, a leading Insights + Strategy + Activation consultancy, has honored Dr. Carlos Elordi with the Dr. Jim Hoskins Ambassador of Excellence Award.

Dr. Elordi, who has been with the firm almost from its founding, is Director of Analytics and Applied Methodologies.  He focuses on advising the firm’s consultants on the best methods and analyses to answer clients’ critical business questions. Dr. Elordi plays a key role in delivering Heart+Mind Strategies’ promise of insights leading to activation, using a broad range of analytical tools that link attitudes, behaviors and business outcomes.

The award is given annually to an employee who embodies an uncompromising commitment to excellence and quality, hallmarks of the work of long-time company leader and mentor Jim Hoskins.

The recipient must:

  • Be committed to quality in all aspects of performance
  • Adhere to uncompromising standards
  • Hold us accountable to core principles and best practices
  • Seek innovative approaches that enhance the quality + efficiency of our activities
  • Employ critical honesty to all in pursuit of the best outcomes
  • Demonstrate methodological rigor and excellence

Dr. Dee Allsop, Co-CEO and Managing Partner said: “We can always count on Carlos to tell it like it is – even if it might hurt.  He embodies our company values of integrity, collaboration, innovation and creativity.”

About Heart+Mind Strategies:  We are an insights-led consulting firm that uncovers how people think, feel and make decisions, and uses that to help clients apply strategic imperatives to achieve their specific goals. The complementary disciplines of Insights + Strategy + Activation are infused through the organization and our employees for the fulfillment of our mission and delivering customer informed opportunities.  Our scientific approach to understanding how individual and societal values influence decision-making is why many leading global brands and organizations work with us. For more information: