Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions March, 25-26, 2020 via an online survey.

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NOTE: Findings based on preliminary data.

Generationally We’re Responding Very Differently

Experience of the Silent Generation is choosing hope over fear as they stay aware. Gen Z is paying even less attention and somewhat oblivious. Concerns are piling on for Gen X. Boomers epitomize the hopeful concern but not worried or afraid. Millennial emotions are building the most – stress and hope.

Erosion of Trust

Our research is showing that the majority of Americans do not trust the government institutions set up to support them during this COVID-19 crisis. We expect this feeling to grow more as people are bombarded with misinformation, get sick, lose jobs and feel personally affected by coronavirus.

Perceive COVID-19 as a Real Threat

Americans are now feeling it on a personal level. 8 of out 10 see this as a real threat and are feeling their daily life impacted.

Coming to Terms with Negative Impacts

Mental health and time with family and friends are the growing concerns in a socially distant reality. The impact on the economy is obvious to almost everyone as we weigh slowing the spread with devastating the economy.

Bringing us Closer Together

Half believe the crisis is bringing us closer together.

Behaviors and Expectations are Changing

More of those who still are employed are seeing their work cut back. Eating out, social gatherings, and being with family and friends are disappearing from daily life.

Shopping is obviously done, but online shopping for other goods (not food/household) jumped up more this week. Streaming video, video calls, and reaching out to people in other ways are all on the rise.

Expectations for the next two weeks are to do very little for most people. People say they are not at all likely to do any of these things in the next 2 weeks.

Data Source: Heart+Mind Strategies fielded a series of questions 3/25-26/2020 via an online survey. Access the full report here: Download PDF.  

Sample: n=1,035 US Adults 18+

Topics: We explored attitudes, feelings, and actions with respect to the COVID-19 crisis. This provides a quick look at the key storylines we uncovered by quickly digging into the data set.