Heart+Mind Contributes to WTOP Weekly Newsletter

Heart+Mind Contributes to WTOP Weekly Newsletter

This is a political year like no other. More Americans are engaged in the political process than have been in the past. From nationwide elections to local races in the DC region, people will be intensely monitoring what happens next and which path voters will choose for the US.

WTOP News, a leading news broadcaster in the DC metropolitan area, is launching a weekly email newsletter, “From WTOP’s Election Desk” that will offer a look at the national conversation through a local lens. The newsletter will exclusively feature national research, data trends, and insights from Heart+Mind Strategies on COVID-19, the upcoming election, and other national issues.

Heart+Mind runs a bi-weekly national survey, Heart+Mind PulseSM, which has been tracking public opinion since the beginning of the pandemic-induced shutdown in March. Erin Norman leads the project team behind the PulseSM. “Following the evolution of public opinion over the last four months has been fascinating, insightful and critical to understanding why things are unfolding as they are,” says Norman.  

This newsletter is the perfect way to follow the twists and turns of the presidential election, and make sure you’re in the know about what’s happening with local elections in the DC area, too. From now until Election Day in November, the goal of this newsletter is to focus on the political issues and elections that affect DC, Maryland and Virginia, as well as what is happening on Capitol Hill.

In addition to research insights from Heart+Mind, each issue will be filled with in-depth reporting from two of WTOP’s lead reporters, Mitchell Miller, who covers Capitol Hill, and Nick Iannelli, who covers political developments in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Miller and Iannelli will go beyond the headlines, to provide unique coverage of the Washington area’s political whirlwind.

Miller is one of the few reporters who has been working inside the US Capitol during the pandemic and has been following lawmakers as they wear masks and bustle through the halls of Congress. Covering Congress is more than tracking legislation, and Miller will provide insight into the personalities, quirky moments and scenes that don’t always get covered. He will also let you in on some of the secrets of the Capitol itself, which of course has an incredible amount of history.

“Covering Congress is an incredible beat for a journalist, and I’m honored to be able bring you some of the amazing things I see and hear every day, but often don’t get to report on the air,” Miller said.

The first newsletter will go out on Friday, July 24, and continue to be delivered each Friday morning through the November election.

The next few months will be exciting. Let’s all experience history together.

Visit WTOP’s website to sign up for “From WTOP’s Election Desk”. 

Maury Giles Answers Your Question in “Ask the Expert”

SVP and Partner Maury Giles is featured in the July/August 2020 Quirk’s Media “Ask the Expert” column. In this column, Maury responds to this question:

How can brands provide leadership in polarized times?

Maury discusses the challenges of finding a common path forward when stakeholders are divided and polarized, and puts forth a solution of how to bring these disparate parties together in a constructive and productive way.


WEBINAR: How to Make Decisions with Confidence During COVID-19

Attend our upcoming webinar on

Wednesday, July 1   |   2:00-3:00 P.M. ET

Even the most decisive leaders today are facing unprecedented challenges that are existential, interconnected, and constantly changing.

Association leaders are making decisions about the future of their event and business model, often trying to predict when exactly we’ll be back to “normal.”

Join Don and Maury to discuss:

  • New constructs for decision-making
  • Data on the current attitudes and mindsets of the public with regard to travel and attending events on both a functional and emotional level
  • A better understanding of how to lead in a time of uncertainty



After you register we ask that you participate in an 8-question survey on the state of your event.  We’ll share results and analysis during the webinar.



Meet Our Partner

360 Live Media is a marketing and event design agency that helps associations unlock the potential of their in-person and virtual meetings and trade shows to achieve their missions.  From experience design, marketing, and branding to research, content development, and sponsorship sales strategy, 360 Live Media helps organizations build their brands, increase membership, and generate revenue.



Insights on the State of Sports Betting Available!

With 23 states and Washington D.C. having now legalized sports betting, and more legislation on the table for 2020 and beyond, the sports betting industry is poised for exponential growth.

Heart+Mind Strategies has partnered with Horowitz Research to conduct a groundbreaking study on the emerging sports betting market. A full report of our findings and leading-edge insights on one of today’s fastest growing and most lucrative industries is available for you to purchase!

Topics covered in the deep dive report include:

  • Sizing and Profiling the Sports Betting Opportunity
  • Online Sports Betting: Driving Segment Growth
  • Betting Opportunities by Sport/League
  • Casino Betting: Behaviors and Attitudes
  • Sports Bettors and the Media Industry, including:
    • Subscription and Usage Profiles
    • Sources Used for Sports Betting Information
    • The Impact of Sports Betting on Media Consumption and Fan Engagement
    • Interest in Sports Betting Features and Interactivity for Cable TV and Online Streaming
  • Opportunities for the Travel Industry

Also included are Hispanic, Black, and Asian supplements providing detailed insights into these key opportunity markets.

To purchase the full report or for more information, contact us:

Mike Dabadie
Heart+Mind Strategies
CEO and Managing Partner

Adriana Waterston
Horowitz Research
SVP, Insights & Strategy

Sneak Peak of Full Report | FREE DOWNLOAD

This high level overview includes some key findings from the report, such as key opportunities for sports leagues, sports marketers, the casino and travel industry, online sportsbooks, the media industry, and multicultural markets.




About our research partner:

Horowitz Research is a leading provider of consumer insights and market research specializing in media content, services, and technology. Well-known for their expertise conducting Hispanic and multicultural research, Horowitz provides cutting-edge perspective on America’s black, Latino, Asian, LGBTQ and disabled consumers, among others.

Cindi Jones is featured in the December 2019 Quirk’s “Ask the Expert”!

Our colleague, Cindi Jones is featured in the December 2019 Quirk’s “Ask the Expert” column.  In the column, Cindi responds to this question:

Today’s marketing world is ever-changing – how prepared are you for these new realities and consumer expectations?

Cindi talks about how marketers can address 5 new marketing realities:

  • “Small is big”
  • “It’s personal and it’s a segment of one”
  • “Sustainability is an expectation, really.”
  • “AI,AR,VR.  It’s all here. Now.”
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More Questions (and Answers) About Corporate Purpose

Since conducting a webinar on Corporate Purpose back in 4th quarter of 2019, we received many follow up questions.  Here are a few of the more common, along with our perspective from Carol Gstalder, Corporate Brand & Reputation Strategy.

Q: It seems like every time you pick up a newspaper or listen to CNBC someone is talking about Corporate Purpose.    If you had to weigh comments in favor of vs against the idea of Corporate Purpose, where would you say it’s falling right now?

A: As of today, momentum is leaning towards giving the Business Roundtable companies the benefit of doubt that their pledge to run their businesses in the interest of a broader set of stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders) is truly genuine.   Establishing comprehensive KPI’s and measuring long term actions and outcomes will ultimately reveal the extent to which board and company behaviors align with this pledge.

Q: Should individual brands have their own purpose, or should companies reach for an overarching “house of brands” purpose?

A: It’s important to have an overarching and clear core purpose for the entire company.   However, the ways in which a company activates a core purpose and brings it to life can and should reflect each brand’s unique reason for being.   This recognition of the brands’ uniqueness will differentiate each of the brands in the corporate portfolio and help define how the company can make a difference to its stakeholders.

Q: This all sounds very interesting, but it sounds like it requires a whole realignment of a company.  Is there a way to do this in stages and how long would it take?

A: A pledge towards stakeholder value and purpose is only meaningful if it is followed up with true commitments and actions like:

  • Turning their values into action,
  • Authentically connecting with important stakeholder concerns,
  • Operationalizing across their business.

A lack of authenticity risks using purpose as a shallow badge with little to nothing behind it – creating business risk.

Key stages involve:

  1. Defining the corporate purpose,
  2. Building internal alignment,
  3. Activating purpose and long-term measurement and continuous improvement,
  • Identifying various ways to stage alignment and activation
  • Recognizing what for the business.

Q: In working with clients on this issue, what challenges, if any, have they mentioned around communicating it internally?

A: Identifying how purpose is personally relevant to employees across various functional areas, businesses and brands is a common challenge companies experience.

In defining purpose, is critical to understand employees’ values, what is driving their behaviors and the end states they are trying to achieve.

  • What do your internal stakeholders expect?
  • What is it unique about your company and what it does that truly motivates employees and connects to both their hearts and minds.
  • How do you take that central purpose and build buy-in and engagement, beginning to lead from your head and heart as you illuminate your reason for being across stakeholders?

This is an area of challenge for some companies as they work to uncover that internal relevance and human story that conveys their purpose and builds internal alignment.

Q: What methods can possibly be used for measurement?

A: Establishing KPI’s and measuring performance on specific stakeholder behaviors through primary custom research helps companies to assess their progress.  Typical questions you would want to measure for include:

  • Are employees more deeply engaged?
  • Are you attracting top talent to your company?
  • Do communities welcome your operations and give you license to operate?
  • Are you fulfilling promises to your customers and suppliers?

Companies are also increasingly adopting relevant universal goals, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to measure their own progress against broader societal goals.

View original webinar HERE

Dr. Brooke Edge Joins Heart+Mind Strategies as Solutions Director, Brand, Systems+Journey Solutions Team

Heart+Mind Strategies, a leading research-based strategic consultancy, welcomes Dr. Brooke Edge as Solutions Director on the Brand, Systems+Journey team.

Prior to joining Heart+Mind Strategies, Brooke was most recently Director of Research & Strategy at WPI agency priceweber out of Louisville and she was responsible for the design, execution, and analysis of research projects for a variety of clients, including a focus on guiding strategy development.

In her position with Heart+Mind Strategies, Brooke will be responsible for designing research projects and overseeing their deployment for and interactions with key clients on the Brand, Systems+Journey team, and providing insights-based guidance with the goal of helping clients build their businesses.

Brooke has experience with a wide variety of categories including, CPG, Healthcare, Financial Services, Family Entertainment, Nonprofit, Transportation and the Energy sectors.

Brooke completed her PhD in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and her MA in Cinema Studies at NYU. Brooke’s undergraduate degree is in English from Davidson College.

FREE WEBINAR: Is “Corporate Purpose” a Real Opportunity or Just a Marketing Fad?

Recently the Business Roundtable, a group of nearly 200 U.S. chief executive officers, issued a new statement on the purpose of a corporation. How are companies that embrace this concept articulating, activating and enabling Purpose? To what extent is it deepening stakeholder relationships and impacting business performance?

This webinar delivers what you need to know about this new way of looking at the value generated by companies, including:

  • How companies find an area of purpose that makes sense for their brand,
  • How they ensure their Purpose fits with stakeholder expectations,
  • How they drive a sense of purpose through their organizations.

Our panel of experts provides rich case studies to illustrate how companies implement purpose for business results.


Kendra Schuchard, Healthcare Industry Expert, Joins Heart+Mind Strategies

Reston, Virginia, October 15, 2019:  Heart+Mind Strategies, a leading research-based strategic consultancy, welcomes Kendra Schuchard as Senior Solutions Consultant to its Healthcare Team.

Kendra has worked on both the client and consulting sides of the healthcare industry, most recently as a Senior Vice President with Escalent.  Her experience spans the industry, including insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, OTC and device manufacturers.

Her particular expertise is in Customer Experience/Voice of the Customer and brand equity, segmentation, marketing and communications design and testing and product demand/optimization.  Consistent with Heart+Mind Strategies’ focus on understanding both rational and emotional motivations, Kendra is skilled in the use of methods like ethnography, designed to deeply probe the roots of human decision-making.

“As Heart+Mind Strategies expands its Healthcare team, we are pleased to welcome professionals like Kendra, whose experience and leadership will help us broaden our offerings to clients across the industry spectrum,” said Shawn Wade, Senior Vice President and leader of the healthcare team.

About Heart+Mind Strategies:  We are a research-led consulting firm that uncovers how people think, feel and make decisions, and uses that knowledge to help clients achieve their specific goals. Our scientific approach to understanding how individual and societal values influence decision-making is why many leading global brands and organizations work with us. For more information: heartandmindstrategies.com


The Latest Trend in Charitable Giving? Eons-old Human Values.

While many people might think Americans are giving less, that’s actually not true.  We’re still motivated by good, old-fashioned values that continue to motivate us to help those in need.

Our Quiet Trendsetters study points up some of the top reasons people make charitable donations.

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