Steve Weachter
Senior Manager, Data Collection + Field Services

Client Impact

Maintains positive working professional relationships with research suppliers worldwide. Manages both qualitative and qualitative research projects while in the field, researches and vets new vendors, and obtains cost estimates for various types of market research studies.

Problems Solved

Obtains competitive bids on research projects to maximize value for the client. Keeps projects on schedule and within budget, monitors quotas and production rates while maintaining a good rapport with vendors. Oversees research projects to be sure project specifications are met or exceeded so our clients receive top quality actionable information.

Rise and Shine

A morning person, usually awake and ready to go before sunrise, even on weekends and holidays.

International Expertise

Recently managed an online survey in 22 countries and 17 languages among consumers and executives.


Virginia Man

Lifelong resident of beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia—beaches, mountains, and the nation’s capital all within reach.