Mark Wirthlin
President + Chief Operating Officer

Areas of Expertise

Branding, strategic positioning, marketing and communications, product optimization, pricing strategy, business development and strategic partnerships.

Professional Pedigree

The Wirthlin Group, Sumitomo Shogi, Proctor & Gamble and executive positions with The Woodworkers Club, Woodcraft, Wirthlin Worldwide, Harris Interactive, and The Modellers.



Earned MBA from Wharton University of Pennsylvania, following a B.A in Japanese from BYU.
* Grew up “in the business,” one of Richard Wirthlin’s eight children


Japanese Influence

First went to Japan on a mission in 1981, met my wife, and landed one of my first jobs there.



Love to experience the outdoors—all seasons, all terrains. Paramotoring’s my favorite … (check it out!).