It's more about value and meaning than novelty

When most people hear the word “innovation” it is typically thought of as something transformative and futuristic for a, yet to be defined, audience. And while that may be true, sometimes the most impactful and most meaningful innovations are developed around the edges of an existing service, concept, or product. More than 90% of new products and services fail. But the most successful innovations aren’t just new things, but rather new experiences that fill a meaningful need that connects to people’s personal values. We help you find the right balance between making things and creating experiences.

Innovation Questions:

  • How do personal values influence product and service choices?
  • What needs must be fulfilled to deliver value?
  • Which opportunities present the best areas for us to innovate?
  • Who is interested or seeking a better experience? Why?
  • Can consumer collaboration and co-creation reveal the best territories for us to leverage?
  • How can we better bridge between expectations and experience?