Kendra Schuchard, Healthcare Industry Expert, Joins Heart+Mind Strategies

Kendra Schuchard, Healthcare Industry Expert, Joins Heart+Mind Strategies

Reston, Virginia, October 15, 2019:  Heart+Mind Strategies, a leading research-based strategic consultancy, welcomes Kendra Schuchard as Senior Solutions Consultant to its Healthcare Team.

Kendra has worked on both the client and consulting sides of the healthcare industry, most recently as a Senior Vice President with Escalent.  Her experience spans the industry, including insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, OTC and device manufacturers.

Her particular expertise is in Customer Experience/Voice of the Customer and brand equity, segmentation, marketing and communications design and testing and product demand/optimization.  Consistent with Heart+Mind Strategies’ focus on understanding both rational and emotional motivations, Kendra is skilled in the use of methods like ethnography, designed to deeply probe the roots of human decision-making.

“As Heart+Mind Strategies expands its Healthcare team, we are pleased to welcome professionals like Kendra, whose experience and leadership will help us broaden our offerings to clients across the industry spectrum,” said Shawn Wade, Senior Vice President and leader of the healthcare team.

About Heart+Mind Strategies:  We are a research-led consulting firm that uncovers how people think, feel and make decisions, and uses that knowledge to help clients achieve their specific goals. Our scientific approach to understanding how individual and societal values influence decision-making is why many leading global brands and organizations work with us. For more information: heartandmindstrategies.com


Psychology Today Article – Personal Values Powerfully Shape our Perceptions

As we are entering the 2020 election cycle, Psychology Today article  (4/24/19) highlights the importance of our own personal values in shaping what we choose to pay attention to and how we interpret “facts:”


The author, Morgan Marietta, Ph.D. states:  “Our values not only shape what we see as better or worse, they shape what we see at all. This is because our values frame the core questions we repeatedly ask about the world. Those who care about oppression look for oppressors; those who care about security look for threats to it. In other words, we do not end up with the same answers because we do not begin with the same questions. A specific value is not merely a hope for what we would like to exist but also a method for how we decide on its existence.”

These findings apply not only to politics but to product, service and issue marketing as well.  Heart+Mind Strategies’ core approaches are rooted in uncovering and harnessing the deep and powerful values that motivate your customers, members or stakeholders.  We agree with this author that “The stronger the value commitment, the stronger the effect.”  Only a disciplined, clear approach, like the one our teams have used for several decades, can successfully uncover the values that motivate your important audiences.

Ask the Expert

Senior Consultant, Erin Norman, answers this question in the most recent issue of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review:

Q: When public debate seems to focus mainly on those who shout loudest, how can marketers be sure they’re hearing the voices of all consumers, not just the most vocal few?

Follow this link to find the Answer:


Realtime Boards: An Innovative Approach to Customer Journey Mapping

By Crystal Gee, Solutions Associate

We find more and more clients are interested in understanding their customers’ journey to purchase. But from experience, we also know that these studies can be massive and require extensive time and travel, both on our side and the client’s.

In our typical journey mapping interview, participants create a large map that represents their triggers, behaviors, emotions and influences in their decision pathway. All the complex individual journeys, from all the interviews, in all the locations, are then combined, digested and refined in an extensive ‘war room’ synthesis session with our own and client teams. This approach has been very successful in producing strong, actionable decision pathways that reveal opportunities for clients to influence their customers’ decision-making.

However, as believers in the importance of continuous innovation, our team explored platforms that would allow us to do much of the in-depth interviewing, journey mapping and partial synthesis virtually.

Landing on a platform called Realtime Board, we customized it for our own unique systems-focused Journey Mapping approach. This allows us to:

  1. Conduct online journey interviews with geographically dispersed and sometimes difficult-to-reach audiences,
  2. Use an overarching framework and set of journey icons consistent with our in-person work,
  3. Share a screen with the respondent, so they can populate a journey map as personally and in as much detail as they would in-person,
  4. Allow clients to observe the interviews from their own offices, adding probes as the respondent’s journey unfolds.

One interesting application of this approach to journey mapping was for an appliance client. Due to the virtual nature of the interview, we were able to interview people who were actually in the process of making a decision. Capturing them in real time yielded nuances in the decision process that are often forgotten in retrospect.

A final, important point: the Realtime Board makes it possible for us to do much of the pre- and post- synthesis work virtually, so the analysis process is more efficient and quickly identifies the patterns we need in order to understand the human story. This means we can spend more time in-person working on solutions.

We know our clients’ time and money are precious and we’re proud to be able to offer this option for Customer Journey research that allows them to capitalize on what we consider to be a stellar systems approach, while respecting both their time and budget.

Heart+Mind Strategies’ Ambassador of Excellence Award to Dr. Carlos Elordi

Reston, Virginia, December 13 , 2018: Heart+Mind Strategies, a leading Insights + Strategy + Activation consultancy, has honored Dr. Carlos Elordi with the Dr. Jim Hoskins Ambassador of Excellence Award.

Dr. Elordi, who has been with the firm almost from its founding, is Director of Analytics and Applied Methodologies.  He focuses on advising the firm’s consultants on the best methods and analyses to answer clients’ critical business questions. Dr. Elordi plays a key role in delivering Heart+Mind Strategies’ promise of insights leading to activation, using a broad range of analytical tools that link attitudes, behaviors and business outcomes.

The award is given annually to an employee who embodies an uncompromising commitment to excellence and quality, hallmarks of the work of long-time company leader and mentor Jim Hoskins.

The recipient must:

  • Be committed to quality in all aspects of performance
  • Adhere to uncompromising standards
  • Hold us accountable to core principles and best practices
  • Seek innovative approaches that enhance the quality + efficiency of our activities
  • Employ critical honesty to all in pursuit of the best outcomes
  • Demonstrate methodological rigor and excellence

Dr. Dee Allsop, Co-CEO and Managing Partner said: “We can always count on Carlos to tell it like it is – even if it might hurt.  He embodies our company values of integrity, collaboration, innovation and creativity.”

About Heart+Mind Strategies:  We are an insights-led consulting firm that uncovers how people think, feel and make decisions, and uses that to help clients apply strategic imperatives to achieve their specific goals. The complementary disciplines of Insights + Strategy + Activation are infused through the organization and our employees for the fulfillment of our mission and delivering customer informed opportunities.  Our scientific approach to understanding how individual and societal values influence decision-making is why many leading global brands and organizations work with us. For more information: heartandmindstrategies.com.

Carol Gstalder, Former President, Harris Insights & Analytics Reputation Management, Joins Heart+Mind Strategies

Carol Gstalder Color HQ--3Reston, Virginia, October 11, 2018:  Heart+Mind Strategies, a leading research-based strategic consultancy, welcomes Carol Gstalder as Senior Solutions Consultant to its Values + Communications Strategy Team.

Carol is a 30-year research and consulting industry veteran.  She is a respected advisor and collaborative partner to global corporations, industry groups, and non-profits on issues and crisis management, corporate strategy, communications effectiveness, reputation management, talent engagement, and content creation for thought leadership programs.

“We have known Carol for many years and followed her great accomplishments in the research and consulting industry. So, it’s with great pride that we welcome her to Heart+Mind Strategies,” comments Dr. Dee Allsop, CEO and Managing Partner.

Prior to joining Heart+Mind Strategies, Carol was President, Reputation Management at Harris Insights & Analytics, where she inspired organizations to define their vision, implement strategies to build  equity and mitigate risk, driving long term measurable value.

Before this, Carol served as leader of Nielsen’s Consumer Insights North America Buy organization, overseeing the Harris Poll®, The Reputation Quotient®, The Global Corporate Sustainability Report and Nielsen’s custom insight solutions teams.  She was formerly Executive Vice President and Solutions Group Leader at Harris Interactive and Senior Vice President of Wirthlin Worldwide.

Carol’s expertise on public opinion is regularly quoted across global publications.   Recent speaking engagements include The Holmes Provoke Conference, CECP, Nielsen’s Sustainability Imperative, and The White House United State of Women Conference.

Carol will leverage Heart+Mind Strategies’ unique expertise in tackling complex business and strategic communications challenges for clients:

  • Solutions-oriented insights anchored in stakeholder centric principles – understanding the personally relevant human centered values and aspirations that drive decision making,
  • Holistically working across the areas of brand, reputation, marketing, communications, human capital and strategic planning to help clients grow their business,
  • Navigating the issue, policy, and initiative landscape to effectively develop communications strategy, messages, and actions that influence stakeholder behavior

Mark Wirthlin, President of Heart+Mind Strategies, said: “Carol brings with her a wealth of experience in building deep and lasting client relationships based on sound strategic guidance.  This is consistent with our company’s goal of partnering with clients to turn insights into effective action.”

About Heart+Mind Strategies:  We are a research-led consulting firm that uncovers how people think, feel and make decisions, and uses that to help clients apply these insights to achieve their specific goals. Our scientific approach to understanding how individual and societal values influence decision-making is why many leading global brands and organizations work with us. For more information: heartandmindstrategies.com